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Lucas’ Story

grant recipient lucas

Our son Lucas is almost 4 years old. He was a planned C-Section due to placenta previa and a very complicated pregnancy. Like most first-time parents, we had envisioned an ideal birth plan and experience free of complication or trauma, but as with many visions of the ideal, our plans changed due to the unforeseen.

Lucas arrived to us with a severe case of jaundice. We advocated for breastfeeding in addition to typical jaundice treatment which proved to be a challenge. He was monitored and continued to suffer jaundice for the first few months of his life.

Lucas continued to exhibit signs of a medical complexity after his vaccinations, reacting with high-grade fevers and systemic swelling and rashes. He was agitated and in pain for weeks afterward.

In addition to his atypical immune system reactions, our little boy was constantly battling ear infections and digestive issues. Through more thorough detective work, we uncovered that Lucas had a dairy allergy and took active steps to modify his diet, solving many of these issues.

As an infant, our son also developed Mast Cell Disease. Symptoms include flushing of the face and neck, dermatographia, gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, reflux, pruritis, dyspnea, headache, lethargy, fatigue, and neuropsychiatric symptoms. Many children with this disorder may complain of generally feeling unwell or may have difficulty identifying or localizing specific symptoms. Our son has all of these symptoms almost constantly with no reprieve.

Even with broad medical issues to deal with on a daily basis, life continues to move on. We moved into our first house when Lucas was toddler. A few months later, we were the victims of a horrific car accident. Thankfully we were able to escape the burning car, however, our son was left with deep trauma later manifesting as PTSD and night terrors. We have sought out play therapy for him and are in the process of healing this trauma. Meanwhile, after taking stock and exploring more underlying root causes of Lucas’ medical puzzle, we discovered our home has mold. Mold remediation is a time consuming and costly process that feels overwhelming both mentally and financially when medical bills are the mainstay in the mailbox.

Although it is incredibly challenging to parent a chronically ill child, Lucas is amazing. He loves mechanics and is extremely inquisitive. We have begun his healing process and his lovely soul is shining through, he has begun singing and dancing more and we can tell his body is beginning to feel better. My son loves his family and his pets more than anything in the world. He has created this hug between us all where he gives us all rapid kisses and squeezes us so tight.

Lucas is also absolutely hilarious, he loves to tell jokes and he loves to get people to laugh.

Through his challenges, Lucas has become extremely heartfelt and empathetic to those who are crying or suffering. He is kind natured, despite all he has gone through, he shines bright. We love him dearly and are so thankful that God gave him to us. We are grateful to Hope Rooted for the resources to continue his journey toward wellness and hope.