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Kavya’s Story

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Kavya’s Story with Autism

Kavya - grant recipientKavya is a happy, intelligent, five year old who loves to read books and sing. She is an only child and a joy to us; our hearts are bursting with love for her.

From a very young age, Kavya has had difficulty with making eye contact, responding to her name, communicating her needs, engaging socially with parents or peers. She has had language and social delays since she was a little child. Kavya could recognize letters, numbers, shapes and colors and was academically performing very well. We overlooked that there could be a problem and just considered her delays as typical – as children develop at different paces in relation to their peers. As she got older and the gap between her and her peers started increasing, we started to investigate with our doctors. Kavya was finally diagnosed with Autism when she was 3 years old. We were devastated.

Kavya’s symptoms and behaviors started to strongly present themselves between three and four years of age. She didn’t know how to play with her toys and how to communicate her needs. Frustration would lead her to tantrums and meltdowns.

Since the diagnosis of Autism, we have sought support through therapy, natural medicine, diet changes, and supplements to get our daughter back and assist Kavya by providing her tools to help her to be successful in daily activities. These things have all had a positive impact, but Kavya needs more help. This is a condition that requires specialized healing protocols. Healing protocols that Functional Medicine treatment can provide, but are not covered by insurance.

Kavya received a Hope Rooted grant in August 2018. We are grateful and looking forward to Kavya making some great strides! She is on her way to healing with the support of Hope Rooted.