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Georgia’s Story

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Georgia’s Story

Georgia Grant RecipientOur journey began in March 2016 with our oldest daughter, Adeline.  During the first grade, she had a case of conjunctivitis (pink eye) that led to a further complication of scarlet fever.  After the scarlet fever, she had multiple symptoms that we felt were concerning.  By the time we were able to secure an appointment with a neurologist, she was exhibiting signs of a full mobility disorder.  We were given a diagnosis of rheumatic fever.  Even after that diagnosis and corresponding treatment, she continued with recurring joint pain and fevers so we circled back around to our primary doctor to determine what exactly was happening to our sweet daughter.  Our usual pediatrician was out the day of our appointment and we met with a different doctor who led us down a path we had yet to consider.  After additional testing, Adeline was newly diagnosed with Lyme disease and PANDAS.  This revelation prompted us, as a family, to get tested due to a history of unexplained health issues.  As a result, I received a CDC positive Lyme test as well.  We dove into a world of research, difficult choices and contradicting information.  After completing a course of antibiotics, what seemed to have the most benefit was controlling our diet in addition functional medicine protocol.  Although it was an expensive decision, it was the only way we were experiencing real and lasting benefits.

In September 2018, our youngest daughter Georgia began uncharacteristically wetting her pants at preschool.  She was completely potty trained by the age of 2 with no accidents.  She was also suffering from separation anxiety at school–a departure from her normal behavior.  Knowing our family’s history and dismissing similar signs with her older sister, we took Georgia to see our team of doctors immediately.  She tested positive for strep and we added a third member of our family needing medical treatment that is not covered by insurance.

With help from Hope Rooted, we have found that Mycoplasma infections are Georgia’s trigger and we are working tirelessly to get this under control with a combination treatment plan of low dose immunotherapy and also herbal remedies.  We’ve added a wonderful chiropractor to her care team for weekly sessions with positive results.

Throughout this experience, we’ve learned there are many choices and additions to western medicine that can make a long-lasting and beneficial impact.  We are determined to get to the root cause of our symptoms.  Maintaining our health and immune systems is a full-time job but we are determined to make the best and most informed choices.  With help from Hope Rooted, we’re getting a head start on Georgia’s treatment plan and she is steadily on her healing path.

Our family’s health issues are complex and overwhelming, but there is a community to help.  Hope Rooted is helping us to successfully navigate toward a positive outcome.