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Hope Help Heal Crowdfunding

Hope Rooted / Hope Help Heal Crowdfunding

Hope Help Heal Program

Hope Help Heal Crowdfunding

Hope Rooted’s grant program is designed to provide functional medicine grants to families facing chronic illness of a child. Since 2017, Hope Rooted has served families throughout Minnesota providing grants to children struggling with chronic illness to access functional medicine. Today, we are harnessing the power of crowdfunding, along with our own financial resources, to build the capacity to serve more families than ever before. Our commitment as a 501 (C)(3) is to do all we can to support families. By leveraging our financial, donor, marketing and social media resources we hope to ensure that we can achieve our ultimate goal of supporting 100% of all families who qualify for a Hope Rooted grant. The “Help, Hope, Heal” platform is just one more step in doing all we can to help families find Hope, Health and Healing through functional medicine.

*To be eligible for the “Hope Help Heal” platform, you must first go though the Hope Rooted Grant application process.