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Grant Program

Hope Rooted / Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in a grant from Hope Rooted!

To apply, simply click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Make sure to read our Grant FAQ’s below before applying.

Hope Rooted Grant Application

Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone residing in Minnesota with a chronic illness or unresolved health issue through age 18 may have a parent or guardian apply for them.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not reviewing applications at this time. Please check back for updates.

Online application must be received by the deadline date to be considered. Hope Rooted distributes grants 3 times a year. Questions about grants can be emailed to: Grant monies must be used in full before applicant will be considered for re-application. Hope Rooted has a lifetime max of $10,000 per child.

Please see the below list of FAQs, which may answer your questions.

What grant amount will I receive?

The amount of the grant will be between $500-$3,000. This is decided on a case by case basis. The lifetime maximum amount of a grant is $10,000 per individual and $30,000 max per family.  Hope Rooted will provide an initial, smaller grant to partner with the grant recipient.  Hope Rooted must receive the appropriate feedback before the remainder of the grant is released and additional funding is considered. Each recipient is required to verify use of funds by submitting receipts and complete the grant feedback form.  Once these requirements are met, if the recipient needs additional funds they are eligible to re-apply.

What expenses does a grant cover?

A grant covers expenses relating to the treatment of chronic disease. This may include medication, supplements, doctor visits, lab testing. Grants may not be used for education expenses or treatment for anyone other than the grant recipient (i.e. parents or friends). Grants may not be used for past medical debt, food, rent or mortgage expenses.

Should I check in with Hope Rooted while my grant application is in process?

We will send you an email notification when we have received your application.  We will also be in touch by phone to discuss your child’s case and gather any other details needed in order to make a decision.

How will I know if I will be awarded a grant?

Hope Rooted will email each applicant after our board and medical advisory team meet and select recipients.

I have been put on the waitlist, now what?

We encourage you to provide updates as to your status and current need. You may provide more details on your financial situation, current medical needs or any new obstacle that may arise. Please share anything you think we should know. Your application will stay active for one year. At that point you can apply again if still eligible.

What happens when a grant is awarded?

If you are selected for a grant, it is required that you sign a Grant Agreement Form committing to fill out three “General Health Questionnaires”. One at the start, again after 6 months and again at the 12 month mark. When we have received both the Grant Agreement and GHQ we will mail out your Welcome Binder and grant check. We also require the submission of receipts used for treatment. We keep a fund balance sheet and let you know when your child’s grant has been fulfilled. Once the grant has been accounted for, you can apply for more funding so long as you haven’t hit the lifetime max of $10,000 or family max of $30,000.

What doctor should I see?

The medical advisory team will meet to discuss each candidate and recommend Minnesota based practitioners appropriate for the needs of each recipient.  Understand that the decisions to be made about your child’s health care are yours alone to make.  Please note that Hope Rooted, its principals, its board of directors, its agents, and its assigns are not your healthcare providers, and that no doctor-patient relationship exists between yourself and Hope Rooted, its principals, its agents, its board of directors or its assigns because of applying for and/or accepting grant funds. Understand that Hope Rooted, its principals, its agents, its board of directors and its assigns will not assist nor guide you in choosing treatment options, nor shall you seek such information from them.

Hope Rooted Medical Board will recommend 2-4 functional medicine providers deemed appropriate for my child’s needs.  These referrals are provided as a convenience but do not guarantee or make any other representation regarding the care I may or may not be provided by the practitioner of my choosing.  Hope Rooted will not be liable in any way for the care and treatment provided by the practitioner of my choice.  I understand that I am free to treat with a practitioner not on this list so long as they are an MD, ND, NP, or PA that specializes in Functional Medicine.