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Hope Rooted / About Us / Mission


Our mission is to provide children with chronic health challenges grants to access functional medicine healthcare testing and treatment.

Our Purpose

Traditional medicine has greatly improved our world; however, there are children who have fallen through the cracks. Our goal is to be the bridge for these families through grants, to help them find solutions through certified practitioners. Functional Medicine is not often covered by insurance making it difficult for a typical family to gain this healthcare. We hope to change that, and help children find health and healing so that they can enjoy a full life free from chronic health conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to restore hope and heal the bodies and spirits of chronically ill children. We see a future of communities with an enlightened understanding of the power that functional medicine treatments provide.

*Hope Rooted is fully registered with the Internal Revenue Service and receives Federal income tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.