“True Hope Embodies a Powerful Strategy.” ~ Ralph Marston

The inspiration for Hope Rooted came in a whisper to Kelly King when humbled by a hallowing experience that led to her daughter being put on life support during the summer of 2017. In that hospital room, she realized that she was being guided to help others. Her daughter’s life story is one of hope. Over the years combating chronic illness and fighting to find healing for her daughter, she found other parents also seeking answers. One of those parents was co-founder Amanda Kacuba. They found there was a grave decline in the health of not only their children, but children in their community. A functional medicine approach had greatly impacted the quality of life for their families and others were coming to them for advice and help. And so, Hope Rooted was born with a mission to provide children with chronic illness grants to access functional medicine healthcare testing and treatments. Traditional medicine has greatly impacted the world, but many children are slipping through the cracks and left not knowing the root cause of their illness. Kelly and Amanda see a future where all have an enlightened understanding for the power of functional medicine.

*Hope Rooted is fully registered with the Internal Revenue Service and receives Federal income tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.