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Hope Rooted - About Us

From L to R: Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, Dr. Bill Manahan, Kelly King (Hope Rooted President) and Allison Baker (Hope Rooted Secretary)


Hope Rooted was founded in 2017 by Kelly and Kyle King to help children with chronic illness access functional medicine treatment not covered by insurance.  Their inspiration came out of their own experience with their daughter, Kendall, who suffers from a chronic lung condition among other conditions. Kendall has found vibrant health from a functional medicine approach.

Since 2017, Hope Rooted has gained a community of contributors, supporters and donors and has granted over $54,000 to local Minnesota children and families.


Currently, 54% of children living in the United States have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Many of these children have gone to multiple doctors with limited improvement in symptoms. Because of Hope Rooted and its supporters; children and families have found hope, health and healing for the first time.

Grant applicants often come to us with no real diagnosis or direction and come out with answers and solutions. Hope Rooted has helped children with conditions such as OCD, ADHD, Autism, Lyme Disease, PANS/ PANDAS, chronic infections, Cancer and intestinal disorders. Functional medicine is not often covered by insurance, which is where Hope Rooted steps in.


Currently, Hope Rooted grants range from $500- $3,000, with a $10,000 lifetime max. Grant money covers appointment costs with functional medicine practitioner and any supplements the Functional Medicine practitioner prescribes. Grants may also cover medical devices as prescribed by the functional medicine practitioner. All practitioners must be a certified MD, ND, PA, DO or NP with functional medicine training.


Hope Rooted awards grants three times per year with the assistance of their Medical Advisory Board. Bill Manahan MD and Sara Jean Barrett ND have graciously volunteered their time to Hope Rooted in this capacity and they bring years of collective knowledge when it comes to healing from chronic illness. We believe this is critical in the success of our grant candidates.

Also critical to patient success is the private Hope Rooted support group that meets monthly with Erin O’Meara, a certified functional medicine nutritionist. This parental support group plays a key role in ensuring that caregivers have the tools they need to help their children have success and offers emotional support to families during their toughest times.


Currently, Hope Rooted provides grants to children with chronic illness age 0-18 who live in Minnesota.

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